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China National Decoration Holds"Legality and Integrity in Statistics"Professional Training

Source:未知  Time:2018-09-12 15:11
     In order to comprehensively improve the legal awareness of the company's statistical work and personnel's business skills, and strengthen the company's statistical business capability innovation and integrity, on September 6, 2018, China National Decoration held the "Legality and Integrity in Statistics" Professional Trainin in the company's training classroom on the second floor. All employees of the company participated in this training.

   The company invited Sun Shuzhen, the leader of Bureau of Economic and Social Survey Team of Dongcheng District, and other relevant leaders and professionals as speakers to present a detailed explanation of "Statistics Law", "Beijing Statistics Ordinance", "Enterprise Credit Management System" and so on through a combination of cases and knowledge and gave answers to the questions raised by everyone after the training.

   The training enriched the staff's statistical knowledge, allowing them to have a more profound understanding of statistics, but also further enhanced the statistical work of China National Decoration!

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