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Enterprise Management Department Held “Building Decoration Scientific and Technological Innovation and Enterprise Operation Management” Training

Source:未知  Time:2018-07-09 13:17


On June 29, the Enterprise Management Department of the company held a training session entitled “Building Decoration Scientific and Technological Innovation and Enterprise Operations Management” at the Training Classroom on the 2nd Floor. Relevant personnel from each department of the company participated in the training. Lu Chunbo, the manager of the Science and Technology Department, was the lecturer. 

Manager Lu lectured about the industrial, information technology-oriented, smart and green scientific and technological development in the building decoration industry, displayed techniques including assembled decoration, BIM, smart machinery and passive house through specific cases, clarified the background of the industry’s development, interpreted the value and influence of scientific and technological innovation on enterprise operations management and encouraged the trainees to innovate their thinking and skillfully apply innovative methods. In addition, the work of the Science and Technology Department on intellectual property rights and standard was also introduced. This training helped the trainees gain a clearer and more systematic understanding of the scientific and technological innovation and future development of the building decoration industry and improved their professionalism. 

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